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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check this list of the most frequently asked questions

What is TrackGPS?

TrackGPS is a device location APP specially designed for companies whose employees are required to work out of their premises.

TrackGPS will help you:

  1. Check the current position on each registered device, as well as the route followed by your employees.
  2. Locate users and devices by GPS (latitude and longitude coordinates) and/or by mobile network data (cell towers).
  3. Visualize routes and customize them for each user with personalized icons and colours.
  4. Mark specific areas as a Point of Interest to generate activity reports for each specific mapped site.
  5. Store all information on the cloud for data consultation at any time.
  6. Generate different types of reports: user location, places visited, time spent travelling, mileage, etc.
  7. Export all available data to XLS and PDF files.